‘The modern Nancy Drew is relatable,’ says Kennedy McMann

Kennedy McMann who plays the titular character in the series Nancy Drew, loves how the character has been reimagined in this version of the story: “I think the history that Nancy Drew has as a character is so extraordinary and she served as a heroine for generations and generations. I think that this is a modern Nancy. She is relatable. She’s someone that I think that the audience can look up to and relate to the experiences and the struggles that she has. I think that that’s what will bring people to love the show.”


She adds, “Not only is it funny, there’s mystery, a lot of mystery I don’t even know the answer to. I think that will have people coming back. I mean, at the end of the day, yes, it’s mystery and there’s a cool supernatural element, but it’s very human. The relationships are human. And that’s what I think is so beautiful about not depicting Nancy as this perfect, completely put-together robot girl. She’s an 18-year-old.”

The actor says that the genre of the show falls in a special niche. “I mean, it’s mystery, its drama, but there’s a lot of light comedy in it as well. But then there are elements where the thriller stuff comes into play, which I think will be really exciting for audiences.”

Kennedy also says that it’s been a blast working with the rest of her castmates: “They’re all so incredibly supportive! It’s been all positive. It’s a dream come true.”

‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 is now streaming exclusively on Voot Select