Son murders father during Zoom video call: Report – Janta Express Daily

NEW DELHI: In what can be called one of the most-bizarre and despicable acts, a man in New York state stabbed his father to death during a Zoom video call that had 20 other people on it, as per a report in BBC. The father, Dwight Powers, was 72-years old while the son, Thomas Sculley-Powers is 32-years old.

Thomas Sculley-Powers attacked his father and after stabbing him, escaped through the window in Long Island’s Amityville village. He was wounded himself while attacking his father.

A number of people on the chat reportedly saw Dwight Powers fall during the live video call, who then alerted the police. As they didn’t know the location of Powers’s home, it was difficult for them to pinpoint the location of the house. They called up the police who apprehended the murderer within an hour, says the report. The police then got the suspect admitted to a hospital, as he had received some minor injuries.

The man has been charged with second-degree murder though the motive for the stabbing isn’t clear yet. The Suffolk County police, in a statement to BBC, said that they would disclose more information once the suspect gets discharged from the hospital.

The report says that some of the participants may have seen the actual stabbing. As of now, it hasn’t been made clear why these many people had gathered for the Zoom call.