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The year 2020 has seen its share of inexplicable events, one of which is the demise of celebrities and famous actors around the globe. If you haven’t come across the news yet, the latest sad development in the film fraternity is the demise of Sir Ian Holm, who played the hobbit Bilbo Baggins in director Peter Jackson’s trendsetting The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The actor breathed his last on June 19 at an age of 88 years after battling with Parkinson’s disease. Relatives, close friends, fellow actors and people close to him are doing what anyone will expect: mourn his loss by expressing their grief in words. But players of Lords of The Rings Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, marched to a different beat by coming together in-game to pay their respects to the veteran actor, as per a report by Eurogamer.
The report is based on a Reddit post by user RoadrageWorker made on the Belegaer server of Lord of The Rings Online. It says: “On Belegaer, we gathered in front of Bag End, and to Lobelia’s dislike, had a big firework. There was music and mourning, and we all wished Ian godspeed on this last of journeys. Thanks for all that attended.”
As per the report, “hundreds of players across various servers” held events online in the game to mark the demise of the actor who played Frodo’s uncle in the film trilogy.
According to Ch_Mell on Reddit, “300 people gathered and walked to Rivendell on a moment’s notice.” This was on the Evernight server and that’s the image we have carried. Players can be seen gathered around the character of Bilbo Baggins, who lives in the Hall of Fire situated in Rivendell in the online game.