10 Latest Inspiring Mehendi Designs for 2020 Wedding Season

10 Latest Inspiring Mehendi Designs for 2020 Wedding Season

Today we are here to let you know about the most amazing things that women really love. No, I am not talking about Pani-Puri but the other favorite thing that women want to be perfect is Mehendi.  Wedding season is a season of Mehendi Designs. we are providing 10 Latest Inspiring Mehendi Designs. Obviously your wedding is incomplete without Mehendi. Mehendi ceremony is one of the favorite and glamorous pre-wedding occasions. There are many people who love traditional Mehendi designs whereas most of them like decorative Mehendi designs. The traditional Mehendi designs have been more decorative nowadays because people are getting more creative. So talking less about the other things, here we present you the most creative Mehendi designs.

The Mehendi designs with floral prints, royal prints, figure prints (bride and groom), elephant motif, peacock designs, and split mandala prints are very famous for wedding Mehendi designs.

The most trending Mehendi pattern is of bride and groom figure designs. It shows the artwork of the King and Mughal era. Flowers are considered to be a natural design as they are bound to match with any bridal attire.

 #1 Arabic Design for backhand

If you are looking at the latest Arabic henna Mehendi design with different patterns and some of the best Arabic Mehendi designs should be saved on your phone. This is amongst the most famous design in the wedding season.

#2 Floral Arabic design for feet

The floral Arabic designs can be the perfect design for bridals and most of them are just love, you can choose the pattern according to your demand. The combination of floral and Arabic Mehendi design is genuinely amazing.

#3 swan on the backhand Mehendi Designshendi

You might have heard about the swan portrait designs. You can make some special as an inspiration for your henna. The Swan on the Backhand is amongst the best design.

#4 Bride and groom portrait

This is the most famous design for the groom and bride. Get a bride and groom portrait on your Mehendi design looks close amazing with the perfect match of each other.

#5 Floral pattern and shading

The beautiful flowers, curves, and motifs are always in trend along with subtle shading make this Mehendi design a notch higher.

#6 Traditional Dulha Dulhan portrait Mehendi Design

This is the most loved Mehendi design not only by Bridal but by the groom also.  The portrait representing Dulha Dulhan will be on the hands and the symbol of love will be the essence of that design.

#7 Kind and Queen Mehendi Design

King and Queen Mehendi design has the crown on the Mehendi which are most likely loved by the Groom and the Bride, they find it as a symbol of togetherness

#8. Bride and Groom Name Mehendi Designs

There are many people who love to write the names of their loved ones on their hands, especially when the wedding is the occasion. So this is the most love design.

#9. 3D Portrait Mehendi Designs

3D Mehendi Design is the design that is in trend. You will fell in love with this design definitely. 3D portrait Mehendi design is love for women

#10. Bold Strokes Hearts 3D Mehendi Designs

The bold stroke is the normal and 3d design has been loved by many women not only at the occasion of Wedding but on every occasion.

Hope you enjoyed these 10 latest inspiring Mehendi design for 2020! Let us know about your favorite design in the comments below and do try them out.


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