iPhone users getting app updates repeatedly, here’s why – Janta Express Daily

iPhone users across the world have been seeing app updates, which includes many of the apps that were recently updated, according to separate reports by MacRumors and The Verge.

As per the report by MacRumors, a number of readers have claimed that they are seeing “hundreds” of pending app updates that listed dates up to the last 10 days, while a report from The Verge claims that they have seen updates that are dating back to the beginning of May.

So far, there is no communication from the company about this. However, MacRumors believes it is related to an issue that was recently spotted that prevented some iPhone users from launching some apps unless they were reinstalled.

“It’s possible there was an issue with an expired certificate or other credential related to app sharing, and Apple has had to reissue these updates to include a valid certificate on each of the affected apps in order to fix the issue,” said the report by MacRumors.

Last week, Apple rolled out the iOS 13.5 operating system update for everyone. This update comes with two bug fixes. First, it fixes an issue where users may see a black screen when trying to play streaming video from some websites and second, it addresses an issue in the share sheet where suggestions and actions may not load.

The main highlight of this app update is the Exposure Notifications, which Apple has co-created with Google. This allows local health authorities to create contact tracing apps. This update also gives an option to users to share their Medical ID information with emergency dispatchers if in case a user has to place an emergency call. Further, there is an option to place all the Medical ID info on the Lock screen when an ‌iPhone‌ is locked.