A family that sings together

A group of cousins has made their lockdown a musical one. Cousins, settled in different parts of the world, got together and released an album on YouTube. Dubai-based IT professional and singer Shalini Bose thought of the idea, which would work well in her musically-inclined family. With help from her musician husband Rakesh, the idea became a reality.

Shalini discussed the plan with her siblings in Kerala, Sarath and Sharika and they formed a Whatsapp group first. Since her extended family included musicians such as violinists, guitarists and flautists, it all came together quickly. After two weeks of recording and co-ordination, the album was launched on YouTube recently.

They call themselves ‘Music Cousins’ and their album was shared multiple times on social media. The singers included Shalini, Sharika Bose, Sarath Bose, Praveena Pradeep, Rajitha Kannan, Kiran Vijay, Rakhi Rajesh, Radhika Kannan, Saratchandra Bose, Ashwathy S, Keerthi, Saran Girikumar, Sreerag Sundar, Sreeraj Onakkoor and Sreerasmi.

Rakesh K played the flute and Sreerag Sundar played the violin. Programming, mixing and mastering were done by Varun Babu, who also played the guitar. Saratchandra Bose handled the vocal arrangements. Video and motion graphics were done by Krishnakumar VS.

The cousins recorded their bits from their homes in Kozhikode, Kochi, Palakkad, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru and Dubai.