5 Best T-Shirt Brands in India for Men

T-shirts are the most comfortable item one can wear. It is part of everybody’s wardrobe. T-shirts come in a variety of patterns – Round Neck, V-Neck, Polo necks, Printed, Oversized and more. Because of this variety of cuts, colors and patterns, they have changed the way we dress.

Though if you would like to know some of the leading t-shirt brands available in India then I would suggest you read this article. You can grab more than enough T-shirts for your wardrobe from the brands mentioned below:


Here’s the list of the top 5 best T-shirt Brands in India.

1. Levi’s

Our list would be incomplete if we did not include Levi’s t-shirt that is bound to make you look classy. Levis really have an excellent variety of clothes especially jeans and T-shirts. Levis Polo T-shirts are comfortable, stylish and extremely durable. Levis products are a safe and long term investment.

Levis clothes are always good looking and are also very simple. But in this simplicity hides a unique and complex conception method based on high-level design, tough and durable materials as well as a comfortable elasticity.

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2. Tommy Hilfiger

A Premium brand “Tommy Hilfiger” is a multinational corporation that manufactures apparel for men, women and children, and a wide range of licensed products. If we specifically talk about the T-shirt section the brand provides the widest range of T-shirt options to different categories of people like preppy prints, casual cuts and other formal designs as well.

The T-shirts offer ultimate comfort along with quality. The cloth material is cotton and has smooth stitches all over. You won’t find any flaws in that segment, as generally is observed even in some of the branded T-shirts.

Also, you can get amazing colors. We know that the price is very high. But according to the brand & the quality of T-shirts, It is one of the well-known T-shirt brands.

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3. Jack & Jones

Jack & Jones is one the luxurious and trusted brand for men in a retail sector, it’s a complete package of comfort, style and luxury, jack & jones is now becoming most loveable brand among men, jack & jones products are made of up very smooth fabric which is very comfortable while wearing it.

Jack & Jones is a part of best sellers who own Vero Moda, only brand for girls and jack & jones for men, they are well-known luxury brands in India. The T-shirts make it more casual or premium party wear or formal ones all are just unique and attractive and art at the same time worth their cost.

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4. Peter England

Very few of us know that Peter England is an Indian brand and was launched in India around 1997 by the mighty Aditya Birla Group. This brand was initially an export quality clothing that was exported to foreign countries but then the owner decided to launch it In India also.

The basic and most important factor of Peter England is that the kind of fabric they use is absolute to a whole new level and has no comparison to any other brand. It has the finest clothing experience and fitting is very comfy. The comfort level can also be defined as It gives the kind of look in which you can go anywhere.

An average T-shirt of Peter England costs around 600-1500 rupees which is worth the price If you can afford this kind of quality clothing. The cloth of Peter England is very durable and will last for a long time.

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5. Lee

Lee is the signature of quality, innovation and durability. Lee is an American brand of denim jeans, first produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas, USA. Lee is a popular brand that has certainly made a huge impact in India. Although Lee is known for its jeans, their range of t-shirts are exclusive and of the highest quality.

Lee t-shirts have always lead the market in terms of style statements and designs. Their logo on the t-shirt symbolizes a brand name that is renowned the world over. For people who are accustomed to only wearing t-shirts by Lee, there is absolutely no problem.

Lee t-shirts can be purchased anywhere in the world. Go for this brand if you really want a T-shirt which you can wear the whole day without feeling uneasy.

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Some people wear T-shirts because it is comfortable, some people wear it because it’s their style. Mostly, people who like to wear T-shirts are practical people, so they don’t want to spend their time on choosing what outfit they should wear.

It is easy to wear a T-shirt than to wear a suit or other clothes. T-shirt is used on informal attire and casual look, additionally you can look classic effortless. In short, even the most stylish person owns a T-shirt in their wardrobe because it’s practical and stylish.

To minimize your efforts and confusion we have mentioned above a list of the top 15 brands that provide you the super quality fabric T-shirts in India.

We hope it helps you select the right brands for your next buying decision. Do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion in the below comment section.






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